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Meet the animals at Lower Bush Farm CIC

The story of how each animal came to be at the farm is as unique as the animals themselves.  Many are rescued and are now looked after by our trainees.  We are sometimes in a position to adopt health animals looking for a home.  Please ring 07817666267 / 07734295144 to discuss.  Some of the animals feature on this You Tube video.


New for summer 2014: Dolly the Shetland pony foal; she is more than slightly addorable!


Roly is our rescued ex-race horse who’s best friends with Kate.

Cassel is a Thoroughbred who thinks he rules the herd!
Kate, our only mare who actually rules the herd!
Ali(star) another Thoroughbred who’s ageing gracefully.
and Flame.  Flame is perfect and means a lot to many people.


Spring 2015 - seven new micro piglet are born , all doing well and bouncing around the woodland.


We have three sows, two micro x Kune Kune sows and one Gloucester Old Spot gilt.  The pigs have the luxury of living in a large woodland, watching them run about and rooting through the woodland is always a treat.

Pygmy goats

The pygmy goats are keen favourites with everyone.  They’re incredibly playful and cheeky especially Billy.

Billy is out wether male who loves a fuss.
Noah and Trix(belle) were born here February 2012.  They are fully grown but still enjoy playing, jumping and bouncing.


Rheas are originally from South America although these three came from Staffordshire!  They look like short ostrich, they are 5-6 feet tall.  They live in the fields with horses.


Maria - the pretty gray female

(Rhea) Admiral - the very friendly female white rhea with blue eyes.


We have 10 chickens and 1 duck.  Our trainees are responsible for mucking out, feeding, watering and collecting the eggs.   


Rabbits and

guinea pig

We have six rabbits and one guinea pig called Charlie.  Recently the adults with learning difficulties Monday group have been responsible for constructing new outdoor houses and runs.  The group have worked very hard and the rabbits are enjoying being outside in the sun.


August 2015, today we welcomed rabbit number 7!  Welcome to the farm Lily!

We have three Indian Blue peacocks who are beautiful!  We are collecting suitable names ideas.  We are now looking for peahens to complete the group.

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