BTEC course at Lower Bush Farm CIC

Whilst working on the farm, students have the option to complete BTEC.  Options are, Skills for Working Life entry level 2 & 3, Land Based Studies level 1 or Animal Care level 1 & 2.


Level 1 and 2 qualifications are equivalent to GCSEs but knowledge is predominantly achieved through practical farm work, with a supporting portfolio of photograph evidence, work sheets and projects.  Qualifications can be full time or achieved in as little as one day per week.  Units are based on guided learning hours, the number of units achieved depends on the amount of time students spend at the farm.  Most year 9, 10 and 11 students attend one or two days each week, from as little as one term to two years.

Forest School Training Leader level 3 Shropshire
Animal Care - level 2 (GCSE A*-C)



Animal Care is predominantly practical, allowing students to gain the practical skills needed work with animals.  Students also produce a portfolio of underpinning academic knowledge reinforced by their practical learning.  Students have progressed to veterinary nursing and animal management college courses.


Units include:


2 Maintain Animal Accommodation

3 Undertake Practical Animal Feeding

4 Maintain Animal Health and Welfare

9 Conservation and Improvement of British Habitats

16 Introduction to Caring for Horses

Forest School Training Leader level 3 Shropshire
Land Based Studies - level 1 (GCSE D-G)


This qualification allows students to assist with a very wide range of farming activities.  Students can focus their qualifications in agriculture, animal care or horticulture or choose units from across the whole range.

Students have progressed to various vocational college courses including land managment and engineering.  Others have progressed to employment including labouring and farm hand.


Units include:

7 Catch and Restrain a Small Animal

8 Groom a Small Animal

15 Maintain Safety of Self and Others in the Workplace

23 Assist with Animal Accommodation

30 Assist with the Propagation of Plants from Seed

36 Maintain the Health of Horses

Forest School Training Leader level 3 Shropshire
Skills for Working Life, entry level 2 and 3 (Pre GCSE)



Through farm based work, students learn a wide range of skills in many landbased areas including animal care, horticulture, poultry and horse care.  Entry level 2 and 3 allows all learning achievements to be credited.


Units include:


Animal Care

Land and plants



Word work

Horse care