Projects that various groups are currently working...

Monday group A.  ALD and Higford Hall post 16

One of the Monday groups are making the world's poshest poultry house for the chickens and ducks!  The house is constructed from an oak cruck frame and cedar cladding.  The house has a nest box, chicken door and full height double doors for access.

Monday group B. ALD, Higford Hall, TMBSS

The second Monday group made a new basking platform for the turtles.  The turtles enjoy having more space and different areas to explore.

Tuesday and Thursday groups.  Options College, TMBSS, ALD

The Tuesday and Thursdays groups are making two huge castle turrets for the goats.  There will be a water tight house in each turret, with a goat walkway between the two.  The groups have decided they'd like a flag, gargoyle and wooden shield on the turrets once they are finished!  

Wednesday home education group

The home ed group enjoy looking after the animals, planting, group time in the woods and woodwork projects.  This is their wooden xylophone.  They measured, draw the lines, sawed accurately and drilled the holes.  The xylophone is hanging down in one of the forest school areas.

Thursday group.  ALD

As well as doing a great job on the goat turrets the Thursday ALD group are also working on various woodwork projects including sawing and screwing together 12 foot gates so that we have tractor access to the top forest school site.

Friday group.  Severndale School 6th Form

Severndale School 6th Form have compleated many woodwork projects to make a sensory garden back at school.  Items include sensory boards, bird houses and an abacus made with various nuts, washers and other 'beads' from Screwfix!  Recently the students have made two goat climbing platforms and two ladders for the goats to play on and under.

Holiday club summer 2016

The summer holidays are all about having fun so we will be in the woods making dens, toasting marshmallows, etc.  We do have a couple of projects that those that wish to can help with.  The first is creating a new outside living area for the four turtles.  The Tuesday term time group have started fencing it off already.  Holiday club can finish fencing and they can start adding different surfaces and textures such as straw, chip and large stones for the turtles to bask on and various hidy holes.  A pond will need to be created too.  The other holiday club project is to continue improving the forest school area including finishing the log and chip path and put more steps up one of the grassy banks.

Holiday club having fun summer 2016